Back in the mid 1950's, a small group of independent jewelers met to discuss a trend toward large national chain stores... and the threat it held to personal service and integrity which was central to the way they did business.

The way to grow in the face of change, they agreed, was to band together. So, on that long-ago day in 1958, they shook hands and formed the Leading Jewelers GuildĀ®. The Guild allowed them to pool their resources to buy in volume from jewelry markets around the world, but maintain their own independent identities in their towns and communities.

With volume buying, they could offer jewelry at prices better than big national chains and department stores. And, they maintained the personal service, honesty and integrity that allowed them to continue as cornerstones of their communities.

Today, there's no need to shop anywhere else! With the power of over 150 stores, Leading Jewelers GuildĀ® brings the best in selection, great values and terrific services right in your own neighborhood.

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