The New Love Story® Lifetime Limited Warranty

LoveStoryBoxWE GUARANTEE complete satisfaction on your Love Story® Diamond purchase. Your Love Story® Diamond Warranty covers the replacement of any diamond (with one of equal value) that is lost while it is in its original mounting, provided a Love Story® Jeweler cleans and inspects (at no charge) your diamond(s) and mounting at least every six months and records the inspection on this certificate. There are no warranties, written or oral, other than as set forth herein. The warrantor shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages. In addition, any Love Story® Jeweler in America will give you full credit for the original purchase price of your diamond (regardless of the age or condition of the original mounting), towards the purchase of another Love Story® Diamond, provided the price of the new diamond is at least twice the original purchase price. Please retain and show your original sales slip at time of trade-in.

Your Love Story® Jeweler guarantees the quality of the diamonds to be as represented on the accompanying Certificate of Authenticity, and further that the diamonds are all natural, and have never been drilled or fracture filled, or otherwise enhanced for color or clarity. Should concerns over the exact grade of a Love Story® diamond arise, your Love Story® Jeweler will defer to an accredited laboratory such as the GIA or AGS for an unbiased third party opinion. Your Love Story® diamond should grade as well or better than listed above. In the unlikely event that an accredited lab should grade a diamond lower than indicated in the Certificate, your Love Story® Jeweler will cheerfully pay the cost of the laboratory report and accept the return of the merchandise in question for a full refund, or provide a new diamond already graded to meet the specifications described in the certificate.

Your Diamond: A Lifetime of Brilliance! 
To keep your diamond looking new and to keep this Lifetime Warranty in effect, your diamond ring must be inspected and professionally cleaned every six months and the inspection verified in writing on the back of this form. Your Love Story® Jeweler will do this at no charge. In addition to the required inspections, please feel free to bring your ring in at any time for professional cleaning and inspection.


If your diamond was purchased in this month:
Your months for inspection are:
January January and July
February February and August
March March and September
April April and October
May May and November
June June and December
July July and January
August August and February
September September and March
October October and April
November November and May
December December and June


Be sure to bring your certificate with you when you have your diamond cleaned and inspected.

We urge you to insure your diamond as soon as possible, as you would any other major purchase. Please contact your insurance agent for full details. We will be pleased to provide you with an appraisal at no charge for insurance purposes, or answer any questions your agent might have. Be sure to keep this certificate and your original sales slip with your important papers.

LS Certificate

NOTE: This Warranty does not cover fracture filled, drilled or clarity enhanced diamonds.

Love Story's Peace of Mind The Love Story® trademark inside your diamond ring means that we stand behind your purchase with a lifetime of protection and service.  Any Love Story® dealer in the United States will honor this warranty and give your ring a professional cleaning and inspection at no charge. Click here for a complete current listing of Love Story® Jewelers, or write:

Leading Jewelers Guild, Inc. P. O. Box 64609, Los Angeles, CA 90064.

We also recommend the Love Story® Peace of Mind Extended Service and Repair Plan. For a small fee, your diamond jewelry will be covered for most wear-and-tear and periodic repairs that are not covered under this warranty. See your Love Story® Jeweler for specific details.

OUR OLDER LOVE STORY® WARRANTY remains valid, per the terms and conditions printed on the warranty certificate, regardless of when it was issued. If you have questions, contact any Love Story® Jeweler and ask for the store manager, or contact us at

Gemstone Disclosures:
Many natural/genuine gemstones are processed and/or enhanced from the time they are extracted from the earth by one or more traditionally accepted jewelry industry practices.

All natural/genuine gemstones sold in our stores have probably been subjected to a stable and possibly undetectable enhancement process. All relevant information will be readily provided to the best of our knowledge.

Prevailing market values are based on these accepted processes by the gem and jewelry trade.

Created gemstones have the same chemical and mineral characteristics as their natural counterparts, the difference is that they have been created in the laboratory.

Cultured pearls may have been bleached and/or dyed to achieve their color. All relevant information will be readily provided to the best of our knowledge.